WHO appealed for the use of intelligent syringe!

2018-05-27 13:55:20 admin 1899

To avoid the use of the same syringe or needle for multiple injections of deadly infectious diseases, WHO issued guidelines on 23, recommending that national health projects use "smart" syringes.

The "smart" syringes include needle-free syringes, disposable self-destructive syringes, automatic retractable syringes, etc. They have the functions of preventing medical staff from being infected by accidental needle stabs and preventing the reuse of syringes, Dr. Edward Kelly, Director of the Department of Service Provision and Safety of the World Health Organization, said. The existing disposable syringe can be prevented from being collected again for non-standard operation.

According to the World Health Organization, more than 16 billion people receive injections every year, and unsafe injections cause a large number of infections. For example, about 1.7 million people are infected with hepatitis B virus, 315,000 people are infected with hepatitis C virus, and nearly 350,000 people are infected with HIV.

WHO urged all countries to switch to new intelligent syringe by 2020. It also calls for the implementation of policies and standards for the procurement, safe use and safe disposal of syringes that may be reused, including the control of syringe supply to injecting drug users.